Corallum Energy Group (“CEG”) looks to develop projects on a global basis.  Our three Directors have nearly 100 years of hands-on project finance experience between them, on nearly $30 billion worth of projects.  Our expertise allows us to properly evaluate and develop commercial opportunities within the energy space.


David Schwedel, Director

David Schwedel is the Founder of Corallum. Mr. Schwedel has a demonstrable career in building businesses and creating shareholder value for more than 25 years. He has a depth of experience in complex cross-border financing, project financing, and global capital markets. He has been responsible for completing more than $2.1 billion in financing for various businesses over his career. He previously served as the Senior Vice President of OLMC Group, a Venture Capital firm. He was the lead investor for several notable North American energy technology companies, including Gables Energy, LLC and Coalview, Ltd. Mr. Schwedel is a member or advocate of several Florida charitable organizations. He has also been appointed the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Miami Waterkeeper, a Miami-based, non-profit organization that advocates for Biscayne Bay, its watershed, and its wildlife. Click on David Schwedel to learn more.

Michael Tzougrakis, Director

Mr. Tzougrakis has more than 35 years experience in the Energy and Industrial Project Finance business with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the business from Development, Design, Proposal, Bid, Manufacturing, Scheduling, Procurement, Turn Key Construction and facility start up. Mr. Tzougrakis worked for GE and GE Capital Corporation from 1968 – 2002 where he later served as Managing Director responsible for one of the largest Energy and Industrial project portfolios in the structured finance sector. He was directly responsible for GE Financial Service's Portfolio for the U.S. and overseas energy and industrial portfolio. In addition, he oversaw 30 to 50 new energy and industrial projects per annum in renewable energy, wood, wind, hydro, geothermal, solar and municipal waste, as well as industrial power and process facilities in the paper, steel, beverage and mining Industries. He was a member of the Investment Committee responsible for the technical underwriting of all deals.

Wendy E. Ormond, Director

Wendy Ormond has practiced transactional law for more than 35 years.  Ms. Ormond served as the General Counsel for GE Structured Finance, Inc.  While there she was responsible for a global transaction business with $20 billion in assets including equity and debt financing of infrastructure projects and big-ticket assets, privatizations, securitizations, distressed-debt programs and investment funds, all on a highly structured, project-finance or tax-advantaged basis.  This work included power generation and transmission equipment and systems, telecom, commercial aircraft, ocean-going vessels, and other transportation equipment and facilities (seaports, airports, toll roads) and industrial facilities such as paper mills, chemical plants and plastic factories.